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BS750 Core insertion machine

  • Category:BS large standard machine series
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  • Release Date:2023/3/28 10:54:27
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螺杆直径 Screw Diameter Kg/cm² Φ32 Φ36 Φ40
射出压力 Maximum lnjection Pressure cm³ 2153 1701 1378
理论射出容量 Theoretical Shot Volume g(oz) 128 162 200
射出重量(ps)Maximum Shot Weight(PS) cm³/sec 119(4.2) 150(5.3) 186(6.6)
射出率 lnjection Rate tom 65 83 103
锁模力 Clamping Force mm 75
容模尺寸 Mold Size mm 460x310
最小模厚 Minimum Mold Thickness mm 150/250
开模行程 Opeining Stroke mm 220
最大开模距离 Open Daylight mm 370/470
顶出力 Ejector Force tom 1.7
顶出高度 Ejector Stroke mm 45
系统最大压力 Hydaulic System Pressure Kg/cm² 140
油箱容积 Oil Tank Volume L 245
电机马力 Electric Power hp(kw) 15(11)
电热容量 Barrel Heating Power kw 5.55
总用电量 Total Wattage kw 16.55
机器尺寸 Machine Dimensions(approx.) m 1.9*1.1*3.1
机器重量 Machine Weight(approx.) t 2.1
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