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What are the characteristics of a vertical injection molding machine compared to a horizontal injection molding machine?

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Horizontal injection molding machines and vertical injection molding machines each have their own unique characteristics. Compared to horizontal injection molding machines, vertical injection molding machines have the following characteristics:
1. The injection device and mold locking equipment are located on the same vertical line, and the mold is opened and closed in the up and down directions. Its floor area is only about half that of a horizontal machine, so when converted to floor area, its productivity is about twice that.
2. Simply complete the molding of the insert. Because the surface of the mold is facing upwards, the positioning of the insert is simplified. By selecting a model with fixed lower template and movable upper template, and combining the conveyor belt with a robotic arm, the fully active embedded part forming can be easily completed.
3. The components of the mold are supported by a horizontal template for up and down opening and closing actions, which will not cause a similar phenomenon of horizontal machines where the mold cannot be opened or closed due to the forward tilting caused by the gravity of the mold. Beneficial for durability and adherence to mechanical and mold accuracy.
4. After a simple robotic arm, each plastic cavity can be removed, which is conducive to fine molding.
5. Usually, the mold locking equipment is surrounded by an open type, equipped with various types of automation equipment, suitable for the active forming of messy and exquisite products.
6. The belt conveyor equipment is simply installed through the center of the mold, making it easy to complete the forming and active production.
7. Simply ensure the consistency of resin flow and mold temperature distribution within the mold.
8. Equipped with rotating table top, moving table top, and tilting table top, it can easily complete the molding of embedded parts and the combination molding inside the mold.
9. During small-scale trial production, the mold structure is simple and cost-effective, and it is easy to unload.
The above information about the characteristics of vertical injection molding machines is provided by Kunshan Xinst Machinery Co., Ltd., one of the manufacturers of vertical injection molding machines in Suzhou!

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